Trying out my new craft show displays.

My sweet sister bought me my dream display setup.  I purchased it last year….but haven’t been able to set it up until this weekend.  So I moved my car and set my tent up outside my house on the street.  It took forever because I had to attached the legs to the grid work with three screws in each leg.  The wind started up right as I was setting up.  (of course)  But the heavy grid work weighted the tent down and it didn’t even move after the panels were in place.  I added all the shelves and it looked terrific!  I couldn’t be happier.  I took these pics.  My neighbors were very intrigued with what I was doing.  So you will see them in the pics too.

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Craft show booth shot

Barb’s new booth front

If I have my sides down it will still look great.  But if you have done any shows you know that any breeze is something that you want to take advantage of.  But with these grid panels I will be able to lower my sides if the wind gets too bad and not worrying that the extra material will make a sail and I’ll fly away.

craft show booth shot

New wall into front of table

Craft show booth shot

My view at a show

storage for craft show

Place for storage at the show

packed trailer

I will have a couple of more tubs to add into there….but WoW…..what a lot of room I have left.  Remember the white grid pieces are 6 foot tall and 2 foot wide.  That’s a nice size trailer.


I bought my gridwall system from  But check to see if you can find them closer to you.  In this instance shipping will be a major factor.  You may get the panels for a little bit cheaper, but then the freight costs eat up all savings.  So compare different sites.  Put everything into their on line shopping cart and then get them to estimate freight.  Then do it on other sites and see where you get the lowest total cost.  Good luck.

pyrography corgi frame

Pyrography corgi frame

corgi frame close up

Corgi frame close up